Sure up your staircase with an Expandable Indoor Safety Gate

As young mothers, our minds are plagued by a million and one things on a daily basis. You’re reading my mind now…… The list goes something like this:-

  1. Pick up the laundry
  2. Pay the electric bill
  3. Bleach Jamie’s ketchup-stained school shirt.
  4. Arrange Lunch for Friday with Amanda at 11:30am
  5. Book a doctor’s appointment for Katie’s ear infection
  6. …and on…and on

The list goes on in perpetuity!!!

Somehow we manage to juggle the demands of a Modern Family.

I live in a two story home. If you’re anything like I am,  the stairs just frighten me! The thought of turning my back and an accident happening on the stairs, is something that overshadows most of my day.

After fretting, for seemingly an eternity….. I finally jumped online and spent a couple of hours researching the best  ways to block-off the stairs. I’ve narrowed my search down to two products and here’s what I’ve found. Here are the two options, 

1) Walmart’s Summer Infant Sure and Secure Custom Infant Gate 

2)  Amazon’s Kidco G3000 Indoor Safety Gate for Pets ( pictured below)

I’ll share with you some of my initial thoughts. Both gates are fully expandable to fit any sized opening. Additional sections are available for individual purchase. The Summer Infant gate is beautifully finished and looks to have a padded surround, compared to the stark metal powder finish of the Kidco 3000. However, the latter is available in either black and white. For the budget conscious, the G3000 runs $120 and up. However, the Sure and Secure shaves it by about $30, at a cost of approximately $95 on Both systems when fully installed stand at approximately 35” tall, and are high enough to ensure peace of mind, in preventing the “wall-scaling” attempts of your curious toddler, or a medium sized pet. Additionally both indoor pet gate systems offer the option to fasten  mounting hardware directly into a wall. This provides a stable barrier to prevent any mishaps from happening around your home’s staircase.

At $150 or less, both options provide an affordable solution to barricading a perilous aspect of any two story home.

Be sure to evaluate for yourself which solution is best matched to suit your home environment. After all, the paramount concern for most modern families is the safety of our kids and pets. 

Check out both major retailers for the most up to date pricing.